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Social & Civic Support Services


● Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
TANF. Cash assistance is a Program providing temporary financial assistance to needy families. Eligibility for TANF cash assistance is determined by evaluating Specific non
financial and financial criteria. Established by federal and state regulations. TANF and food stamps.

800 436-7442. Or

● Social Security Information
There are many myths circulating around different programs to apply for in order to get money from Social Security. These programs are either never existed or no longer exist.
For those who their on Social Security before they incarceration. Payments and benefits
are not administered for any month, full or partial, even if only one day that you are incarcerated. It can take several months to get. SSI or SDA started. You can get a head start by applying 30 days before your release. You can ask Social Security for up to $200 emergency benefits if you are approved, it will be taken out of your first check.

● Social Security Cards

For your Social Security Card in Atlanta

● Medical insurance
(770) 604-1911.
Or go to

Civic Engagement & Personal Identification

● Driver's license or state ID
Make sure that your drivers license is valid and there.
Are no suspensions or blocks.
Have Been placed on your license
by visiting the website or calling.

678-413-8400 Metro Atlanta
866-754-3687 outside of Atlanta

● Passport
A felony conviction does not necessarily
keep you from getting a passport.
But the final authority is the US government.
If you are permitted to have one,some countries
may still not allow entry.
And that may vary based on offense.

877-487-2778 passport

● Birth Certificate
Certified copy of Birth certificate.
Will cry for drivers license retirement
benefits passport. Federal, state and local assistance.
Fee is $25. However,
some of the resources listed are free services.

● Selective Services
Men 18 through 25 are required to register.
Men aged 26 and older can no longer
register. However,
if they have not previously registered
before age 26, could be redeemed,
rendered ineligible for some federal
benefits such as financial aid.
If you weren’t castrated between
the ages 18 through 25, you can request a status
information letter from the
Selective Service to explain what kept
you from registering.
Final decision is granted by the agency
granting the benefit not selective service
The Selective Service System
P.O. Box 94638, Palatine, IL 60094-4638.

● Voter Registration
Your right to vote is restored automatically
upon termination of your sentence, including
parole and probation. However,
you will need to register with your local.
County Register at least 30 days prior
to an election.

404-656-2871 or 877-524-8683.

● Copies of Criminal History
It is very important to review your criminal record.
You may have to answer questions
about your convictions to get a job or housing.
If you don’t fill out the forms correctly because
you don’t know what is on your record,
people may think that you are lying and
lying is ground for dismissal.
Like your credit report, you want to make sure
the information is correct. Make sure no
one is using your name and make sure
there are no issues with family members with the
same name. If you would deny the job
or department based on your criminal record,
you can ask for a copy of what they received.
Contact your local Sheriff’s Office or
Police Department for specific requirements
about obtaining a copy of your history record.
You can also go to.

(there is a fee for the transaction) or

National criminal history can be obtained from.
If there is a mistake or false information, contact the Georgia Criminal Information Center at.">

or at the helpline
404-244-2639 is another helpful site

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